Four Things To Do To Make A Better Life

When I started my radio show back I said I was going to not only tell you the problems, but I was going to also give you some solutions to help with them the problems that we face. Here I am keeping my promise to you and this week I am talking about four things you can do to help make your life better. They are as followed:

1- Turn Off The Television
2- Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Drink More Water
3- Take Your Money Out Of Paper and Out Of The Big Banks
4- Spiritual Growth

In the following I will break down each one of this for you.

Turn Off The Television

This one was hard for me to do as I am a big sports fan but I found out by watching so much TV I was hurting myself physical as well. The reason being as you watch TV your mind goes into a sleep like state and this has been proven by several medical studies lately. When I found that out I cut back on my TV watching and started reading and listening to the radio more. By reading and listening to the radio you will engage your brain and let the imagination side run wild with descriptions of what you read or listening to. For example my favorite college team’s games are broadcast on the radio where I live so I will listen to them instead of watching and as the announcer describes the action it will come to life in my mind.

But another benefit from not watching TV is you are not just sitting around on the couch but you are up and moving around getting exercise thus keeping your body active and healthy.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Drink More Water

The problem with foods this day and time is majority of them are made for things that is not good for the human body. Reason being is majority of the fruit and vegetables are being grown from seeds that have been genetically altered thus making them a Genetically Modified Organism(GMO). GMOs are very harmfully for the body from especially the digestive system to the brain and every major organ that you have. The research is starting to come forth and proves what has been known for years. One example of this is the corn engineered by a company called Monsanto. This corn known as BT Corn has been engineered with pesticide inside of the kernels. Makes you wonder when it kills the insects and bugs eating it, what is it doing to your own body? Click here for an article on BT Corn.

Drinking more water is a great way to help refresh and rehydrate the body. When I was growing up I liked water and would drink it but as I got older the temptation of soft drink was too great to refrain from. My addition was Mountain Dew, the sweet tasting sugary soft drink that tastes so good to drink. Well as I grew older and started working full time and become less active in sports by drinking soft drinks I stayed thirsty all the time. I decide to get more active and started drinking water again but still drinking the soft drinks. To make long story short water is better then soft drink because the soft drinks contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and other harmful substances.

Take Your Money Out Of Paper and Out Of The Big Banks

To best answer this is for your to take your money out of the big banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and Citibank and put them into a smaller local bank. The reason being is that at the big banks you are just a number of an account and not a person. In the smaller local bank you are treated as a person and will get better customer service then at any of the big banks. Its time to make your money work for you not the big banks.

And what do I mean by taking your money out of paper, it is simple take it and buy gold and silver coins and have them as a backup as currency to barter with in the case of an economical collapse. To find the gold currency I am taking about you have to buy it from a gold dealer or gold coin dealer. If you are like me when I started out and very limited extra income there is an easier way. I started with saving silver coins that was made for the years of 1965 and back. These coins were made with 90% silver and coins today are silver plated. So start saving up those coins and go to local pawn shop or yard sales and you can stumble upon so great treasures.

Spiritual Growth

The fourth and most important one of all is spiritual growth. What I mean by this growing in your spiritual path and growing in Gods word. Read it Study it and learn from it as it is your way through this world as it is always changing. And a good resource to use is a guest that I have had on the show and that is Pastor Brian Chilton and his website and radio show. To check out his website and for a link to his show click here.

It is time for you to align your mind, body, heart and soul as one and make a better you to be able to protect yourself and your family. Try these for 30 days and you will see results in getting healthy. Also get plenty rest and sleep for your body.

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