Is the POW/MIA Flag a Symbol of Racism


In a recent Newsweek article by Rick Perlstein originally entitled “It’s Time to Haul Down Another Flag of Racist Hate” , Perlstein leaves you with his beliefs that the flag is a symbol of racism toward the people of North Vietnamese or South East Asia. While as a fellow writer and a supporter of the right of Freedom of Speech, I have to fully disagree with Rick Perlstein’s beliefs and opinions that this flag is a symbol of racism. Coming from a family that has members serving from the Revolutionary War to the Current War on Terror, which is a subject for a different time and place, I have to fully disagree with his opinion on this matter of the POW/MIA Flag is a symbol of racism and hatred.

The POW/MIA Flag is a great and powerful image to all veterans. As you can see above it features a solemn figure being watched over by a distant gun tower and a barb wire fence with the words ‘YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN” in white on a black background. The white on black contrast symbolizes a hopelessness and loss for each of these men that were lost or missing. The point of the flag either being completely missed or completely ignored by Rick Perlstein.

But as for as I am concerned Rick Perlstein does not have a clue what this flag stands for or even cares what this flag means to all the veterans. While I didn’t agree with the reason for the Vietnam War as it was more a political war, I do fully support the veterans that fought for our country and the families that lost loved ones in the war.

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